How many of us start our business without giving our web presence a thought? So often things like a website, logo, and social media channels are back burner items. You’re not a graphic designer, web developer, network administrator, etc and don’t yet have the resources. That’s where we come in.

We’re here to provide you with everything you need to hit the ground running with our business kits. Here’s how.

The Trumani Process

We bring the marketing, social media, web development, design expertise to you in a single package.

  1. Troll recently expired domains for the right one. It must meet our strict criteria for us to accept it.
  2. Register the domain.
  3. Design the style guide, with font pairings and color palette(s).
  4. Create the logo(s) in several different formats and social media profile images.
  5. Develop a logo opener video.
  6. Install WordPress and professional theme and child theme.
  7. Configure the website according to the style guide and build a landing page and add the logo and favicon.
  8. Capture what social media usernames are available with that domain name and add it to our strategy guide.
  9. Take a backup of the website database and files.
  10. Package everything up into a compressed file for easy transfer and relax!

We will detail every step in future posts. Stay tuned!