We’re proud to announce we are the new maintainers of the spam prevention plugin, Stop Spammers. The plugin sits within the Top 50 most downloaded plugins from the WordPress repository and for good reason.

The features baked in to Stop Spammers are highly regarded and it’s plug-and-play design requires little-to-no configuration required at time of activation for many site owners. The more than 30 configuration options available offer a level of sophisticated granularity that is needed for more complex sites such as ones that are integrated with WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, BuddyPress, and more. It’s also compatible with other popular security plugins such as WordFence (their developers recommend Stop Spammers) and Akismet.

Our promise is that we will continue to update and maintain its robust suite of current features free of charge.

Why Stop Spammers is a Good Fit at Trumaniblock-spam_stop-spammers_trumani

The Stop Spammers plugin aligns squarely with our other plugin offerings, in particular reCaptcha integration. Our mentality is that owning/operating a website shouldn’t be the panic-inducing quagmire it can become with theme/plugin vulnerabilities and bots running rampant.

You chose WordPress for a variety of sound reasons that makes it so popular, but its ubiquity makes it an especially lucrative target. Our goal is to be part of your security solution that doesn’t infringe on the pleasure of delivering content/products/etc. to your customers, but rather, helps give you peace of mind.

Stop Spammers Project Plan

We’ll have more refined decisions in the coming weeks, but we do have a few plans.

  1. Grow the plugin by focusing on more transparency surrounding what’s available in the form of documentation and a YouTube tutorial.
  2. Build even more configurable options that are free forever. For the next version, we will have the following additions:
    1. New allow list options that cover payment gateways of Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.Net, and Recurly
    2. Tor IPs added to our block list
    3. Checks for oddities in email addresses such as multiple periods and hyphens
  3. Add more features that will be available through a subscription. These features can be accessed through the activation of a license that can be purchased from our website. The pro version will ensure we are able to sustainably maintain the free version for years to come.

Lastly, as with all of our plugins, we welcome suggestions and feedback. You can visit the plugin page on the WordPress repository by clicking here.