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Thanks for entering everyone and congrats to the winners!

Thank you very much for using Stop Spammers. We really hate spam, and sadly, it’s everywhere and impossible to stop 100%, but we’re going to fight to kill as much of it off as we can. We hope we’ve significantly improved your own spam situation and made it manageable.

To celebrate having as many loyal users as we have (over 50k!) and the recent release of Stop Spammers Premium, we’re giving away $100 cash, 10 free licenses for Premium, and a 50% off discount code to everyone else just for entering. If you already have Premium, you can still play. You could win an additional year of support.


How to Enter

Step #1: Do either of the following:

  1. Leave an honest review
  2. Request a new feature

Step #2: Leave a comment:

  1. Comment below and let us know what entry method you used from Step #1


Winner Selection

On September 1st, the $100 and free Premium license winners will be randomly selected and notified. The $100 winner can receive payment via PayPal or Amazon gift card. Everyone else who entered will be emailed their 50% off discount code.

Good luck everyone and have fun!