Ever tried to add a list of states or countries to your Divi Contact form? It’s a real pain. Countries and states / provinces are now available in Divi Contact Extended as two brand new field types called the State and Country fields. Rather than wasting time adding every state or more time adding all of the country options, you can create things like an Address field in seconds.

State Field – Divi Contact Extended

If you add the state field without the Country field, the US states will show in the dropdown selection. You can enable multi-select when you want your users to have the option of selecting more than one state.

Country Field – Divi Contact ExtendedAddress_Divi-contact-extended-Trumani

Like the state field, you can enable multi-select in the country field. If you add both the state and country fields, the state/province options will dynamically show based a user’s country selection. You can also set a default country. If most visitors to your website from a certain country, you can show that country without them having to select it. Both the state and country fields can be set to required and full-width.

User-notification_Divi-contact-extended_TrumaniSeamless Integration

Like all our fields both core and custom, you can set them appear in the email notifications for both the site admin and the user submitting the form.