A different menu in the click of a button. Your various pages, content types, user roles, and more often require varying navigation. Variable Menus provides this fundamental need with an intuitive interface and no coding knowledge required. Leverage the flexibility of this WordPress plugin to create unlimited versions of the menus in your primary navigation, secondary navigation, footer.

Variable Menus Is Simple and Powerful

Variable Menus - Trumani WordPress PluginsYour WordPress or Divi site will get the added boost of choosing what menus to display. Configurations can be set at the page / post level or globally through the plugin setting’s panel. Your theme’s display locations will load on the Variable Menus settings page, where you can set all of the conditional logic you need to customize your website.

One great use case is displaying a different menu for visitors who do not have an account than from your logged in users. Maybe you have special pages only for your members or maybe you just want to display Log In and Log Out where appropriate.

As a cherry on top, the backup and restore feature will allow you to seamlessly transfer settings from one website to another.

Check out the preview in the video above. And if you’re ready to start creating menu combinations instantly, go to the Variable Menu plugin page.