We are so excited to introduce the latest product offering. After hundreds of hours of coding, we present to you the Email Scrapper.

Increase your business by boosting your email count with our easy-to-use premium add-on for Firefox. Find any types of customers from any location you select and collect Hundreds of Targeted emails in seconds. We guarantee this will increase your business by collecting targeted people’s email.


Choose your target keyword, set an email limit (how many emails you want), set location (which region of people you want), and search social sites. Hit enter to get love in seconds 🙂


Enable auto collector to get emails wherever you browse the web. The tool will extract all email addresses found while you are browsing. You will see the emails count to the addon’s icon .


Easily download harvested emails to your computer in either CSV or TXT formats


Check out our Simple Tutorial above and grab the product here.