From Dropdown to Slide Out Menu

The Divi mobile menu is a simple dropdown that leaves a lot to be desired. I love Divi as a framework, but I like customizations that make my sites look less out of the box. Many of the changes I implement are to the menu because it’s often the first or second thing people see. Trumani has several articles about enhancing the primary menu. Here’s one for the menu mobile users experience that’s as easy as installing a free plugin.

I love themes that have a slide out menu or pop out effect rather than a simple dropdown. It’s a sign you went the extra mile to customize your Divi site, and the plug-and-play nature of the plugin means the time spent on the change will be minutes, not hours. You can also add CSS to get the style you’re seeking, but the walkthrough in the video will guide you step by step.

At the end of the video, you’ll have a spiffy mobile menu that slides out when selected. The also video shows you how to make certain design changes to the menu such as background hover color.