Does it feel like some internet companies need taken down a peg? They make grandiose claims about their websites, everything short of curing cancer. Today, we’re debuting our web series, Honest Websites in the spirit of the popular YouTube series Honest Trailers. It has all of the snark and salt you love from Honest Trailers.

Get more (emails) with Linkedin

The first target is LinkedIn. It’s a great place to collaborate with others in a (mostly) professional environment, but it’s not without its faults. Cue jokes about its email policies or non-existent support that takes a page right out the book written by their new corporate overlords, Microsoft.

As with many other social media platforms, LinkedIn has a troll problem that it seems uniquely well-positioned to handle. If it’s not related to jerbs (or jobs), it is deleted. But that assumes LinkedIn has the will to enforce its raison d’ĂȘtre. Time will tell…

What website should we tackle next? Let us know in the comments.