The release of Gutenberg in core has amplified the dissenting voices of the WordPress community. More WordPress developers and site admin are jumping to the Gutenberg plugin page to express their dismay.

Sure, you can install the classic editor (yet another plugin?) to override Gutenberg. But we learned it will only be supported by the WordPress crew until 2021. Of course, the community will step in. We have the best community on the web. There were also several recommendations to switch to a fork of WordPress called ClassicPress.

It stinks like rotten eggs that WordPress refuses to allow two permanent paths for the editing experience. It’s such a crucial aspect of our sites, but in the darkness came the light of creative and very entertaining reviews.

Here are some great pull quotes from the Gutenberg reviews page combined into a letter that should be sent care of everyone at WordPress:

“Dear Automattic, you’ve fucked up.”

Starting strong.

“Whoever designed this, he deserves to work for Microsoft”

Let’s demote this person to Facebook. Facebook can eat shit.

“Install the classic plugin to remove Gutenbug, sorry Gutenberg”

Puns are a great way of getting the message across.

“It’s like to bullying people who make them great! they should know they are great because we want to! not aliens!”

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but memes decided the 2016 U.S. election so maybe they can convince Automattic to right the ship and restore the classic editor in core.

“Noob webmasters use DIVI? Well, whats the problem? Let them use this crap. Why include a facsimile DIVI into WP?”

Dammit, I hate being collateral damage. I don’t use the Divi builder to write posts! Excuse me while I go eat a tub of ice cream.

“Gutenberg’s big name is destroyed by WordPress”

I feel worse for Bebo Valdés. As far as I can tell, this new version of WordPress doesn’t have any groove.

“Why don’t you have zero stars? Because that is what this Gutenberg deserves.” And “I’ve registered here just for write about this piece of stupidness. Awful, awful, awful. Turn it off immediately.”

You see these two reviews littering the reviews section. Why not go even further and ask for negative stars? As for registering just to leave a poor review, you’re not alone. I’d venture to say that most of us registered to leave a review, whether good, bad, or ugly. It can probably go without saying, but it does help it get the point across.

“I think they want to have alternative against some online web builders like wix, but they forgot that huge number of their users are writers, bloggers and journalists.”

Yes, WordPress needs to be everything for everyone. Sitting at 59.7% marketshare, the folks at Automattic won’t be content until every last website that uses a CMS is WordPress. The irony is they inspired a fork called ClassicPress with this update, which may end up taking marketshare from WordPress.

“WordPress will be like hotmail, yahoo, windows, explorer, nokia in future!”

Let’s hope not. There’s a reason the next most prevalent CMS, Joomla, has a dismal 6.7% marketshare. WordPress is the best CMS for so many different situations. But it will never be best for all of them. I feel Gutenberg was inspired by goals of global domination but may instead prelude the fall of an empire.

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