Someone should write a book called Goodnight Internet! It should capture the moment in time when the people lost control of the internet to the monopolistic ISPs and their puppet Ajit Pai. This book would, of course, star Ajit Pai. Along for the ride is his oversized mug of deflection. Also along for the ride, unwillingly, are all of us.

So when the corporate censors and throttlers clamp down on your resistance, we’d at least have this offline material disguised as a children’s book to counter the Orwellian hellscape we find ourselves in now.

Goodnight Internet!

Goodnight innovation

Goodnight basic consumer protections

Goodnight the ideals of openness and collaboration that the internet stood for

Goodnight 83% of Americans who favor net neutrality

Goodnight to professionalism among government officials

Good morning unironic, comically oversized coffee mugs

Good morning douchey fcc chairman mocking concerned citizens he’s supposed to represent

Good morning big ISPs who regularly rip off their customers

Good morning to the FCC chair teaming up with the ‘pizzagate’ author

Good morning to unwitting people and dead people alike somehow sending anti net neutrality comments to the FCC