We’re excited to announce our latest free project. The Inspector Saver is a handy browser extension that allows you to capture your html and css edits in the inspector. We have a big imagination at Trumani and we bet most of you do, too. It’s why we’re asking you to re-imagine the web in your own image.

Re-imagine the Web with Inspector Saver

Impress colleagues, clients, and even your future self with the ability to restore edits you have made to a web page’s HTML and CSS after the page has long been refreshed. Show off your talents and make the web a better place. The browser extension allows you to clear a specific page’s edits and all edits you have made. And as with everything we build, it is very lightweight, which means it doesn’t come loaded with junk like advertisements.

This is our first foray back into browser add-ons since Harambe Zoo three years ago. Our hope is that the inspector capture will be orders of magnitude more useful.

Inspector Saver is currently pending review in the Chrome Extension store. If the extension is popular, we will consider making it compatible with Firefox. We’ll update the post in the next few days when it is approved. We’ll also upload a simple tutorial video. The Inspector Saver isĀ  so simple, our 10-second logo sting may be the bulk of the video.

Happy editing!

EDIT 16 October 2019: We are ecstatic to announce the extension is available on the Chrome Store