The shopping cart is ubiquitous on ecommerce sites. Divi’s shopping cart makes it very apparent you have a Divi website. The icon doesn’t have configurable options. Never fear, you can easily add pizzazz to your shopping cart as you break the Divi mold and set your website apart from the crowd.

Change the Shopping Cart Styles in the Theme Customizer

Make the color better suited to your theme. Grab visitors’ attention by increasing the font size.

.et-cart-info span::before {
color: #007ABB;
font-size: 20px;

Does the Trumani Shopping Cart Look Different?

Yup, we use the Extra theme, not Divi. But both icons are part of the Elegant Icon Font set, which means you can use it, too. Here’s how to replace the default icon with the alternative cart icon that appears in the Extra theme. In your theme customizer, add the following snippet.

.et-cart-info span:before {

Why even have a shopping cart as your icon? Give your Divi site personality. If you sell tools, maybe the toolbox is better suited for you. Sell software? Use the download icon. Here’s a list of ideas to stand out from the crowd. Let me know if you can think of other good stand ins for the cart. Just swap in the characters in bold.

I sell…

Software–>Download (\e092), Folder Download (\e05f)

Photos–>Camera (\e075), Camera_Alt (\e00f)

Presents–>Gift (\e073), Gift_Alt (\e008)

Groceries–>Bag (\e079), Bag_Alt (\e013)

Discounted Items–>Tag (\e07b), Tags (\e07c), Tag_Alt (\e017)

Tools–>Toolbox (\e085), Toolbox_Alt (\e021)

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