Responsive tables…it’s the most requested module on Divi Feature Requests with 337 votes and counting. A tables module within the Divi builder UI is long overdue. Good news! We’ve heard your requests and have built a robust solution that will tuck neatly into the suite of Divi modules.

It’s super simple to add a responsive table to your Divi page. Just check out the video above. You have all of the features you’d expect from a table module and full control over the design using the amazing Divi builder design tab. Just as you would in any other Divi module, you can style elements in your responsive table by formatting text, adding padding, colorizing fonts and cells and more.

The more buy in we have toward the plugin, the more we can fuel future development. Divi Responsive Tables and Divi Contact Extended are two of our flagship plugins and maintenance and upgrades to these plugins will be a large slice of our focus ongoing.

Responsive Tables Feature Set

The features in the responsive tables module are fully fleshed out. This plugin has everything below:

  • Responsiveness – choose whether or not the table should shrink on smaller devices
  • Ability to link cells
  • Sort column headers
  • Merge or span columns and rows
  • Dynamically search the content of the table
  • Show specified number of rows (table pagination)
  • Text formatting, including alignment, color, weight, hover options, and padding
  • Zebra stripes