Symbiosis…it’s a beautiful thing! We saw several requests on a bunch of different forums for Google reCaptcha integration in Divi forms, and we took your request to heart. We began developing a plugin to support the integration. Now, two weeks have passed since we released our plugin that connects Divi’s Contact Module with Google’s reCaptcha.

Our vision doesn’t end at Google reCaptcha integration. Our commitment to you is the 100% of the plugin’s cost will support future development. Everyone who purchases the current Contact Module Google reCaptcha Plugin will be rewarded. We’ll send you a great coupon.

Divi Contact Extend

Our plan is build out the contact module’s functionality as we gain customers. We’ll call this plugin Divi Contact Extend. In addition to the plugin, we’ll offer annual support, which will be included in the new plugin’s price.

Future Development List

In no particular order, here is our vision in an itemized list as of today (March 20, 2018)

  • Submit Button Align Left Option: Users should easily have the ability to align the captcha box and submit button to the left side of the contact form without adding CSS.
  • Notification Email Enhancements: The notification you receive when a visitor submits a form on your website could use some love.
    • Submit Location: Capture the page url where the form was submitted. You may display the same form on several pages. It would be nice to know where a visitor was when he or she submitted that form.
    • Show field labels:  If you have a longer form with multiple fields, it may be easier to read the email with the field labels/headers displayed.
  • Email Routing: Who is notified of a form response sometimes depends on the field values. For example, if [field x] is [value a], email person a.
  • File Upload Field: Allow visitors to upload a file or multiple files. Allow administrators to determine file size and type restrictions.

Tell Us What You Want in Divi Contact

We love to listen. If you have a request, leave it in the comments. We may add it to our list if there’s enough demand.

Get in Early!

And purchase the Divi Contact Google reCaptcha plugin.