Divi Contact Extended will get a major facelift in early 2020. We’ll debut the latest version with a much-needed tutorial video update that captures all of the functionality.

Our documentation had fallen behind. For example, did you know we have a phone field type? Lack of information will change moving forward. It’s full steam ahead. Perfecting Divi Contact Extended is like executing a three-way high-five. It’s tough, but rewarding.

Side note, I didn’t know that was a thing until I scrolled through many stock photos of three people high-fiving. They’re all painfully awkward. Look at this one. The guy on the left is putting way too much thought into the gesture. And the woman in the image above is staring directly into the camera, which is off-putting. Why is this a thing?

Anyway, back to our original programming…

In one year, Divi Contact Extended has evolved from a passion project to a serious alternative to the out-of-the-box contact module. I have devoted more hours than I care to admit scrolling through the ElegantThemes support forums to see what people most requested. Here’s what you can expect:

Integration Additions

  • reCaptcha Update: Block more server-side spam scripting that causes us so many headaches.
  • MailChimp Connection: Grow your audience seamlessly through form submissions.
  • PayPal: Allow customers to pay through a contact form connected to your PayPal account.

Your Input Really Does Count

This isn’t lip service. Last month, we held a contest to determine whether we would integrate PayPal or Stripe as a payment gateway option with our plugin. You chose PayPal. And we are delivering.

Divi Contact Extended 3.2x Changelog

[New!] Date picker field type
[New!] Product field type
[New!] PayPal integration
[New!] MailChimp integration
[New!] Capture file uploads in WordPress admin form submissions tab
[New!] Email message shortcuts compatible with end user email

[Update] Option to center submit button and reCaptcha
[Update] Enhancements to reCaptcha integration

[Fixed] Layout and alignment issues
[Fixed] Login module bug
[Fixed] Dropdowns activation
[Fixed] Dropdown, checkbox, and radio button data captured in admin email
[Fixed] When reCaptcha v2 checkbox dark theme is selected, the WordPress core forms display the dark theme

Icing on the Cake: A Divi Contact Extended Coupon

Everyone loves a good coupon. For the time being, take $5.00 off when you purchase the Divi Contact Extended Unlimited License by using the following coupon code: ExtendedUpgrade

And Lastly

Thank all of you who have supported the development of this plugin through you patronage and feedback. We have yet another big announcement in the coming days that is the result of your feedback. The Divi community has such a wide array of professionals passionate about web design, and I’m grateful to be part of it.