Divi Contact Extended version 3 has arrived. In addition to compatibility updates, we are excited to announce new features:

  • Drag and drop file upload field
  • Input mask field type for phone fields can now be set on a per form basis
  • reCaptcha display on WordPress core forms such as comment, login, and registration
  • MailChimp integration with the Unlimited License

Thank you for continuing to support plugin development through your subscription. We are putting every purchase of Divi Contact Extended back into further development so that we produce a superior contact form plugin for a reasonable price. That’s our commitment.

Looking Ahead: Stripe or PayPal

We now have our sights set on integrating a payment gateway. Most mature forms have this as an option. And as before, we are asking for customer input to drive our development.

Unlike other premium form plugins, the feature won’t become a separate add-on you have to purchase. As soon as the payment gateway integration is ready, you need only update Divi Contact Extended to begin including it on your forms. The costs to build a form are getting out of hand, easily $70 for core functionality for one site, and if you have several sites and integration needed, you or your client are shelling out hundreds.

May the Best Payment Gateway Win

We created this website to empower Divi users. In true form, we’re nominating you as the decision maker. Of the two payment gateways, which integration would most suit your needs? We’re hoping for a good response because if it’s left up to us, we’ll create our own payment gateway called TrumaniPay and integrate the plugin with that. I kid, but please vote! The deadline is October 15th. And of course, choose wisely!

If you haven’t already purchased Divi Contact Extended, what are you waiting for? Get your unlimited sites copy here. The Unlimited version now comes with MailChimp integration.

*We’ve asked for an email so that we ensure one entry per person (to the best that we can).