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wordpress theme development

My 7 Years in WordPress Themes

I got into WordPress soon after graduating college in 2010. I quickly learned that themes were an essential component to any well-designed website that can be scaled. Seven years later, I take a look back at how I got where I am today with theming. 2011 - My First...

Funny Response to a Domain Buying Scam – Read this and Get $85,000!*

Funny thing happens when you opt out of the domain protection. You get scammers emailing you left and right, up and down. My morbid curiosity led me to turn down protection for only about $12 annually. I've decided to start responding to the scams. This is my first...

Create a Bid Management System in Your WordPress Site Tutorial Part 2/4

See the video above to continue our series on extending our WordPress site for bid procurement purposes. The first video in the series can be found by clicking this link.

Trumani Web Business Kit

How many of us start our business without giving our web presence a thought? So often things like a website, logo, and social media channels are back burner items. You're not a graphic designer, web developer, network administrator, etc and don't yet have the...

Create a WordPress Bid Management System – 4 Part Video Series

WordPress dominates the market when it comes to Content Management Systems. Just look at these stats. It has nearly 60% of the market in 2017. What makes it so popular? One of the biggest reasons is it has a robust framework that can be molded into whatever shape you...