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Author: Trumani

Hey BuzzFeed: Top 10 Clickbait Suggestions that will literally change your life

Hey BuzzFeed, you have shown you are consistently pressuring you’re “journalists” to be at the forefront…of clickbaiting internet users. We understand that your entire operation is based on your low regard for humanity.  Clickbait is all you know. But we’d also love for you to know we want you to fuck off and will communicate that in a manner befitting your great organization. So, my vernable BuzzFeed “journalists,” if you feel the pangs of writer’s block after drafting your latest one-question quiz about bananas and astrological signs or some shit, head the following advice, and your life will change. Kill...

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WordPress Plugin: Trumani Shortcodes

Trumani shortcodes is a lightweight plugin that adds a button to your visual editor, where you can insert a variety of objects. Content Box: Our most customziable option is a responsive content box. You can insert a content box that contains headers, body text, and icons. Icon Font: You can add an icon from our list of nearly 160. Button: The button gives you the option of growing on hover as well as opening in a new tab. You can also determine what text to display on the button. 4. Separator: The separator allows you to dictate padding above...

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How To: Add Text Art to Your Website

ASCII art (or text art) is a means of adding imagery through characters. YouTube comments can often be chalked full of text art, from whales asking you to subscribe to their channel to the omnipresent Facebook like thumb. Text art can be a fun way to add pizzazz to your website. Take Mozilla’s art that appears when you right-click and select “View Source.” Likewise, we’ve added some text art to our WordPress website. It just took a simple modification to our WordPress theme’s header.php file. You can first Google already created art or create your own custom ASCII art...

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